I think I’ve figured out why I’m here…

Blogging that is…I love to write…it has helped me at times get through parts of my life and even when I’m in a good place- I love to write and get creative about it.

I blogged alot when MySpace was big…it had a nice blogging tool and I had a good following. It was awesome- I still have my MySpace so that I can go back and read what I wrote at one point. When I moved to Facebook- it was the one thing that forum was missing…I mean- I could post ‘notes’ but really- that just seemed odd AND Facebook has it set up so that it basically forces your notes on everyone or no one…boo

I started this blog because I feel like writing. Unfortunately- I always get that creative urge when I’m NOWHERE near a freakin’ computer.

I named this blog (kind of) after a line from one of my favorite people of all time- Gilda Radner. The truth is- it is always something.

I’ve figured one of the categories that will live here- stories I’ve written for my kids. See- I make up stories all the time for my kids. Sometimes they are really short:

Once upon a time there were two kittens

They loved snowcones and lived in a barn

The end.

I know- Shakespeare is oozing from me…

Several weeks ago- my kids asked me to REALLY write them a story…so I did. They loved it. Probably because they figured it out that it was about them and dammit- mom had a moral even.

So there we go. WOOHOO



~ by itisalwayssomething on December 10, 2011.

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